About PMV Industrie

PMV Industrie has more than 30 years experience in design and manufacture of parts, sub-assemblies and finished products for cabin interiors as well as external body elements, made of traditional or composite materials for the aeronautics industry.

We provide also maintenance on cabin interiors (Passengers and crew sets, monuments, de-icing boots...) and can proceed with any major or minor seat upgrade and changes including seat covers and cushions manufacturing.

Composed of 42 co-workers, project managers, production operators and technicians, PMV Industrie has a dedicated PART21 and PART145 workshop.

Our teams travel worldwide to provide technical support (Cabin inspection and refurbishing).

PMV Industrie is also specialist in VIP interiors and produce upholstery for VIP seats, divans, panels and manufacture VIP monuments.


The scope of PMV Industrie refurbishing and production is:

Cabin Expertise:

  • Cabin and seat inspection
  • Cabin refurbishing and overhaul (Passengers and crew seats, window panels, partitions, hat racks….)
  • Seats installation
  • Production of seat covers and cushions
  • Cleaning and new colorization of leather seat covers
  • Installation of new IFE systems on seats
  • VIP upholstery (Seats, divans, panels)
  • Production of curtains
  • Production (Cutting and edging) of new carpet and installation.

Design, certification, manufacturing cabinet and panel: (galley, stowage, panel & partition …)

  • Decoration change (Replacement of wall paper on window panels, partitions, galleys…)
  • Design and production of VIP monuments
  • Fire regulation and certification FAR 25 et CS 25

Composite repair:

  • Replacement of de-icing boots on ATR leading edges
  • Repair of floor panels
  • Aircraft outside panels
  • Radome repair

PMV Industrie extend our know-how and expertise to other fields such as Space, Military, Medical, Railway and capital goods.

Excellence in our work and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

PMV Industrie is driven by Thierry KAUFFER, President.

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