Electronic Flight Bag

Improve your flight deck with the paperless concept

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Most of the aircraft operational documentation like AFM, FCOM, navigation charts are now exclusively digitalized, bringing the need of Electronic Flight Bag on cockpit.

EFB can also be used for video surveillance purpose, avoiding additional monitor installation in the pilot environment.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - PMV Engineering
Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - PMV Engineering

While the EFB applications remains under the operator's duty, PMV Engineering will take care of the airworthiness approval for aircraft mounting device, crashworthiness, mechanical interferences, placement of display, power source, EFB data connectivity, as required by EASA AMC20-25.

PMV Engineering has been granted with several EASA STCs for installation and certification of EFB Class2 aboard VIP and commercial aircraft (A320, A330, B747, B757, B767), including tablet based solutions.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - PMV Engineering

EFB power switching control panel - cockpit pedestal