To allow usage of new noise reduction BOSE® Boomsets, this modification deals with replacement of the existing Jack Panels and Boomsets by new ones on ATR aircraft. Noise reduction function is provided through the addition of a 28VDC power supply to each Jack Panel.

ETSO/TSO can be necessary to check performances but is not sufficient to certify installation and the use of boomset by crew.

From an airworthiness perspective, boomset is involved in compliance demonstration with CS25 - 25.1457 and AIR-OPS (AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.325 and CAT.IDE.A.185) requirements.

We have to bear in mind that boomsets are part of the audio system of an aircraft and, as such, their installation falls into a DOA approved modification. PMV Engineering, with its sister company VR2C Engineering, are able to perform a qualitative analysis of the audio system, including SSCVR recording for CS 25 and AIR-OPS compliance demonstration.

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