System Design

Secure and optimise system development 

PMV Engineering gained an extensive development experience with most of the Aircraft Manufacturers and Systems Providers (Airbus, Bombardier, Thales, Rockwell Collins...).

We may help in the development process. See some examples below : 

  • Various examples may be incorporated in the training support. They also may be customized to your projects,
  • Coordination (Steering) of the project, organization of the reviews (PR, PDR… up to the certification), interface with customers and authorities,
  • Safety analysis (AFHA, PASA, SFHA, PSSA, CMA, ZSA, PRA, FMEA, FMES, SSA, ASA),
  • Support from various systems specialists and pilots when necessary,
  • Environmental qualification DO-160 (qualification plan template, validation of qualification procedures and report, tests witnessing by EASA CVE...),
  • Recommendations for most of the aeronautic development aspects (validation, verifications, ATS/ATP, flight safety, configuration management…).

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System Design - PMV Engineering