Secure the certification

PMV Engineering has an extensive certification experience with most of the aviation airworthiness Authorities (EASA, FAA, TCCA...).

PMV Engineering - certification

PMV Engineering may help in the certification process, whatever the certification context is (TSO/ETSO, TC/STC). See more examples below :

  • Various topics may be incorporated in certification support and customized to your projects,
  • Support from EASA CVE in several domains (systems, hardware, software, structure...),
  • Support for building plans using PMV Engineering templates, from DAL D to DAL A (Aircraft, systems, equipments, hardware and software plans...),
  • Support for plans and standards application (specific trainings, workshops, participation to rewiews),
  • Performing the independent process assurance at system, hardware and software levels,
  • Support for preparation or/and leading certification audits (may be combined with process assurance activity for optimization - system, hardware, software SOI#1, SOI#2, SOI#3, SOI#4).

Contact us at: contact@pmv-engineering.com , for more details.