Aircraft Seat Upholstery

Turning a hard structure into a soft seat

Taking care of any type of seat upholstery for aircraft interiors.

Seat Upholstery - PMV Industrie

PMV Industrie seat upholstery:

  • Economy class seats,
  • Business class seats,
  • First class seats,
  • Business jet and corporate seats,
  • VIP seats.

We also take care of flight cabin - crew seats.

Seat Upholstery - PMV Industrie

PMV Industrie works with all major seat manufacturers for any type of seats:

  • Zodiac Seats: Sicma, Contour, Weber…
  • B/E Aerospace: Aircraft Modular Products…
  • UTAS: Decrane, Goodrich…
  • Recaro,
  • Geven,
  • Avio,
  • Expliseat.

Both on 9G and 16G seats.

Seat Upholstery - PMV Industrie

Our team's knowledge covers:

  • Airworthiness and certification,
  • Design adaptation to seat, 
  • Flammability tests, FTP, FTR,
  • Optional upgrade or modification aspects,
  • Project management : KOM, ITCM, PDR, CDR, FAI...

We can either supply material or handle BFE.

Seat Upholstery - PMV Industrie