De-icing Boots Repair

It looks black, it looks simple, but it’s technical

Boots repair shop is fully dedicated to ATR de-icing boots replacement.

Replacement of ATR De-icing Boots : Air Intakes and Leading Edges.

ATR42 and ATR72 de-icing boots are to be changed:

  • When cannot be repaired anymore (patches limit),
  • When cracked,
  • When limits reached.
De-icing Boots Repair - PMV Industrie

And works on:

  • Air-intakes boots,
  • Leading-edge boots,
  • Vertical stabilizer boots.

For Air-intakes, we can offer an easy “rotatable solution” where you send your old “repairable air-intake” and we send back brand newly refurb one as rotatable; saving days in TAT!

De-icing Boots Repair - PMV Industrie

PMV Industrie holds a specific capability to:

  • Remove old boots from air-intake or leading edge,
  • Cleaning of substrate surface,
  • Repair of substrate as per SRM,
  • Repaint of substrate and re-metallization if needed,
  • Providing boots or working with BFE,
  • Preparing substrate and pasting new boots,
  • Handling boots functional test,
  • Delivery with EASA Form 1 Part 145 as per CMM,
  • Packing and shipping.
De-icing Boots Repair - PMV Industrie