Get connected - STC solutions for VIP and Commercial Air Transport

Airplane as your business or home office.

In complement to your In Flight Entertainment System (IFE), you may want to offer passengers with an extension of their home or business offices, by offering on board Voice, Text Messages and Internet.

While the technology is now proven, the certification of such connectivity systems requires a strong expertise that not every DOA (Approved Design Organisation) has.

PMV Engineering has been granted with several EASA STCs for installation and certification of GSM and other wireless solutions aboard VIP and commercial aircraft, this with various OEM solutions.

Connectivity - PMV Engineering

We developed a robust method and a proprietary tool for the showing of compliance with the airworthiness requirements, including TPED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices) testing, eliminating the risk of potential interferences with the aircraft systems.  

Connectivity - PMV Engineering

Our STC solutions can support any of the existing Satcom band : Swift 64, SB200, SBB, KU and KA, depending on customer needs.

Connectivity - PMV Engineering