Cold weather operations

Comply with Russian airworthiness requirements

Flying your aircraft in Russia, think about PMV Engineering !

On lessors request, PMV Engineering developed a set of modifications in order to allow A320 family aircraft operations in the Russian area, including:

  • Glide Slope capture independent of Loc capture,
  • Service interphone insulation of jack sockets,
  • Public Address Power Supply in Emergency conditions with batteries OFF,
  • Use of Metric units instead of US units,
  • Installation of a VOR/ADF DDRMI,
  • Installation of a standby metric altimeter,
  • Providing QNH/QFE baro setting,
  • Installation of a second ADF system,
  • Activation of digital altitude in Meter on ISIS,
  • Display altitude in metric units on the Primary Flight Display (PFD),
  • Dual Advisory Ice Detection System (DAIDS).

Don’t hesitate to consult us for more information about the above topics.

Cold Weather Operations - PMV Engineering
Cold Weather Operations - PMV Engineering

DAIDS - Severe ice detected on ECAM display.

Cold Weather Operations - PMV Engineering

DAIDS Overhead Panel - Engine Anti-ice ON/OFF button