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Cabin Interior Modifications

Aircraft cabin has a tumultuous life as operations are going on: layout change, seat upgrade, monuments modifications, conversion from one use to another… No worries, PMV Groupe handles!

Faced with the Covid-19, PMV Groupe helps operators and airlines with customized cabin reconfigurations solutions

COVID-19 - Cabin reconfigurations solutions - PMV Engineering

PMV Engineering, as EASA approved Design Organisation (DOA 21J.487), is currently helping operators and airlines to establish all needed operations to fight against the pandemic

Thanks to its reactivity, our team developed and certified, in a very short timeframe and in close cooperation with EASA, various cabin reconfigurations solutions to answer to customer needs as the use of several stretchers for Covid-19 patients evacuation has also been certified for ATR42 and ATR72 (EASA STC N°10074002) and is being developed on other type of A/C.

Do you need to reconfigure your Aircraft cabin?

Cabin interiors - Picto 1

PMV Groupe dedicated team knows about cabin retrofits as it certifies:

  • LOPA changes,
  • Major and Minor seats upgrade,
  • Major and Minor cabin change,
  • Kits and parts for commercial or VIP Aircraft.

Improve your passenger experience

Handling the seats or monuments modifications is our day-to-day business!
Our team is used to perform on-site cabin surveys and provides you with an all-in cost estimate.

cabin interiors - Picto

Aircraft cabin Layout - Lopa Change

You can rely on PMV Groupe Aircraft cabin experts for:
  • Mini-Suites installation,
  • First, Business and Economy classes configurations, through minor modifications or STC,
  • Lavatories relocations and upgrade,
  • Galleys removal or installations,
  • Overhead bins layout change,
  • Partitions or Movable Class Dividers,
  • Integration of stretchers area,
  • Cabin attendant seats installation or relocation.

Aircraft seats and monuments modifications

To quickly give a better look or improve your existing seats, PMV Groupe can develop and certify 9G and 16G seats and surrounding monuments modifications.
  • Trim & Finish change to conform with new Airline colours,
  • New seat covers and foams,
  • New IFE integration,
  • USB / PC power plug installation,
  • Lavatories refurbishing or modification,
  • Galleys refurbishing or modification,
  • Partitions or Movable Class Dividers supply,
  • Cabin attendant seats trim and finish change…

The seats are delivered with an Airworthiness Approval Tag (EASA Form One) and the installation is covered by an STC.
The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness of the modified seats are ensured by PMV Groupe.

Aircraft Seats Modifications - ©PMV Groupe

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