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PMV Engineering secures wifi IFE onboard your fleet

PMV Engineering and it’s Media Content Provider Partner PXCom are together offering since few months a complete and integrated solution permitting Aircraft operators to offer a complete portable IFE solution to their passengers.

Customized bin divider for portable IFE - news

PMV Engineering can support you at every stage of your IFE project with a turnkey solution, starting with your high-level requirements to daily management on your behalf.

Our solution is based on the installation of the last generation Astronics’ Sierra box that can serve simultaneously 70 passengers with HD streaming. In standard, the boxes are fully autonomous relying on 12-hours lasting batteries and are installed in your Over Head Bins.

The system is a scalable innovative solution for aircraft operators, wishing to provide crew and passengers with various In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) and Data Services, while minimizing investments and optimizing their profits:

  • Passengers through their own device (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept).
  • Crew members through dedicated tablets.

As an alternate the solution, PMV Engineering also propose an aircraft powered solution avoiding the battery management.


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