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Cabin systems & Connectivity

Explore our cabin connectivity solutions including SATCOM, Wifi, In-flight entertainment, In-seat power supply and enhanced lighting cabin systems to mirror passenger’s home experience.

Aircraft cabin systems gathered various topics aiming to serve one main goal, to improve the passenger flight experience and comfort

Thanks to the expertise of our EASA approved Design Office, PMV Groupe offers tailored and certified solutions for:

Focus on STC solutions for cabin systems, including in flight connectivity

Connectivity:  GSM and other wireless solutions for VIP and commercial Aircraft

In complement to your IFE, you may want to offer passengers with an extension of their home or business offices, by 
offering on board Connectivity?  (Voice, Text Messages and Internet).

While the technology is now proven, the certification of such connectivity systems requires a strong expertise that not 
every DOA (Approved Design Organisation) has. You can rely on PMV Groupe to set your in flight connectivity:  

  • SATCOM Data Unit and associated antenna
  • Wireless Router
  • Aircraft Interface Devices (AID), 
  • Wireless Access points (WAPs) installation.

Passenger Power Supply:  stay connected all along your flight

Power supply (110Vac or USB plugs) is now common on every passenger seat, including economy class, to feed their laptops and personal hand held devices.

We offer various OEM solutions and we tailor the power supply system installation to customer requirements: in-seat USB type A and Type C, Floor/Wall Disconnect box design, AMCU integration on overhead  bin or monument…

LED Lighting / moodlighting - ©PMV Groupe

In Flight Entertainment (IFE): IFE and wireless IFE system embodiment

IFE quite often requires monument customisation to receive display monitors, control panel and master switch installation as well as seat modifications for integration of monitors, passenger control units and power supply. 

Focus on our portable IFE solution

To optimize such precious space and to secure the IFE box, PMV Engineering has certified a easy-to-install, cost effective bin divider with its restraint system.

The system is a scalable innovative solution for aircraft operators, wishing to provide crew and passengers with various In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) and Data Services, while minimizing investments and optimizing their profits:
•    Passengers through their own device (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept)
•    Crew members through dedicated tablets

Find out more about our portable IFE solution


LED Lighting – moodlighting: "Plug & Play" LED lighting systems

Choosing LED lighting will drastically reduce maintenance cost and bring your cabin appearance to the highest standards.

Either white, bi-color or multicolor (RGBW), PMV Groupe has developed "Plug & Play" affordable EASA approved solutions for Single Aisle and Long Range aircraft.

Aircraft TPED tolerance testing - ©PMV Groupe

Aircraft TPED tolerance: is your Aircraft ready for wireless?

Use of wireless frequencies (Wifi or GSM) brings potential interferences with Aircraft systems that can potentially impair the Aircraft safety.

PMV Groupe has developed a proprietary tool and a robust method for the showing of compliance with the airworthiness requirements at Aircraft level, including TPED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices) testing.


Video surveillance systems:  brings more safety & security in your Aircraft

PMV Groupe designs high definition (HD) cameras based video (surveillance) solutions, including Cockpit Door Surveillance, Cabin Video Monitoring, Cargo Surveillance and even Direct View function, to comply with specific customer needs and airlines policies.

Recording functions may be added on request.

We can also install HD landscape cameras to improve the passenger experience in conjunction with the basic IFE features.


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