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Secure wifi IFE onboard your fleet

PMV Engineering and it’s Media Content Provider Partner PXCom are together offering since few months a complete and integrated solution permitting Aircraft operators to offer a complete portable IFE solution to their passengers.

Wifi on board

PMV Engineering can support you at every stage of your IFE project with a turnkey solution, starting with your high-level requirements to daily management on your behalf.
Our solution is based on the installation of the last generation Astronics’ Sierra box that can serve simultaneously 70 passengers with HD streaming. In standard, the boxes are fully autonomous relying on 12-hours lasting batteries and are installed in your Over Head Bins.

The system is a scalable innovative solution for aircraft operators, wishing to provide crew and passengers with various In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) and Data Services, while minimizing investments and optimizing their profits:

  • Passengers through their own device (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept).
  • Crew members through dedicated tablets.

Boxes Main features:

Astronics' Sierra Box
  • 1TB Front Removable Solid-State Drive, 
  • Integrated 3G/4G Cellular modem and antenna, 
  • ADSB Receiver (for moving map purpose),
  • Integrated Charging circuit with battery level indicator, 
  • DC Power brick with connector (Vac line cord is separate option dependent on country of operation),
  • Two (2) removable Lithium-Ion batteries.


In addition, and although the box is not part of the certification path, PMV Engineering has demonstrated the Sierra Box compliance with the environmental qualification requirements (DO-160G or equivalent) for a safe use on board by operators.

About IFE aircraft integration

To complete and secure our offer, PMV Engineering developed customized bin divider to isolate the portable IFE from the rest of the Over Head Bins (OHB).

Customized bin devider for portable IFE - PMV Engineering

The Mechanical tray can be fixed to the bin by a quick release or permanently with insert. Airline is free to choose the box location in the cabin.

As an alternate the solution, PMV Engineering also proposes an aircraft powered solution avoiding the battery management.

Portable IFE already flying


Since few months PMV Engineering developed EASA minor modification on following platforms:

  • ATR42/72: Box on battery, 
  • B737NG and B737MAX: Box on battery and Aircraft powered,
  • A330/A340: Box on battery and Aircraft powered,
  • A320: Box on battery,
  • E190: Box on battery and Aircraft powered.

PMV Engineering will be pleased to support any other aircraft platform (A220, B777, ERJ, CRJ…)

Connect your passenger to IFE portal

In order to connect easily to the portal, PMV Engineering proposes the design and installation of stickers giving the connection instructions.

The sticker design and location shall be agreed with the customer at ITCM.

Below an example of design and position.

Connect your passaenger tu IFE portal

Author: Johann VENTADOUR, Head of Sytems Department

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