Seat Modifications

Need to upgrade or modify your existing seats ?

Quickly give a better look or improve your existing seats.

As part of its scope of approval, PMV Engineering can develop and certify 9G and 16G seats and surrounding monuments modifications.

Seat Modifications  - PMV Engineering
Seat Modifications - PMV Engineering
Seat Modifications - PMV Engineering

Such as:

  • Trim & Finish change to conform with new Airline colours,
  • New seat covers and foams,
  • New seat belts,
  • Old IFE removal,
  • New PCU integration,
  • New IFE integration,
  • USB power plug installation,
  • PC power plug installation,
  • Cabin attendant seats trim and finish change,
  • Manufacturing and installation of the modification kit,
  • Testing and certification of the seats through STC.


The seats are delivered with an Airworthiness Approval Tag and the installation is covered by an STC.

The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness of the modified seats are ensured by PMV Engineering.