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Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis

A new fast and economical solution to comply with mandatory inspections of CVR system.


European Flight Recorder Partnership Group (EFRPG) published an official CVR analysis guide  with the participation of VR2C Engineering, a PMV Groupe company.

Indeed, we are fully compliant with this new guide and we may provide you with cutting edge solutions dedicated to Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorders (FDR) analysis

Innovative CVR analysis method : what about your benefits? 

90% based on visual analysis, PMV Groupe thanks to Michel Colin, has developed a new software and technical solutions to optimize CVR analysis. This unique method has many benefits and values:


Economical and fast

Reduce your cost and improve your lead time with our innovative method.

Committed to result

Analysis by analysis, the results remain strictly identical, proof of reliability and determinism.


Based on visual analysis of signals, our method meet the requirements and respect for privacy. 
CONSULTING Certification


Analysis report is documented as required by EASA and our replay center is accepted by Certification authority.


Analysis method is approved and recommended by IFALPA Pilots' association (Privacy respect).

Focus on our CVR analysis solutions 

While the mandates have to be fulfilled as:
  • EU 2015-2338, 
  • EASA 965-2012,
  • Or ICAO Annex 6-Part 1during the annual inspection.

Moreover, we are able to provide you with:

  • Fleet harmonization (STC to replace CVR and FDR PN),
  • Replacement of tape recorder (new EASA mandate),
  • AMM-S to allow on-wing downloading (approved though DOA),
  • Downloading tool for CVR and DFDR,
  • DFDR analysis,
  • Embodiment of specific mandate (as FAA Part 25-1457 or 1459),
  • Transfer of power supply,
  • Installation of CVR capable of datalink recording.



Official CVR analysis guidance

 With the participation of VR2C Engineering