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Development of systems according to ED-79A / ARP-4754A training

System Engineering


  • Process assurance and certification engineers
  • Systems design project managers
  • Developers (aircraft, system, sub-systems and equipment levels)

Training pre-requisite:


Training objectives:


  • Understand the objective of certification related to the development of aeronautic systems, in accordance with ED-79A / ARP-4754A.
  • Understand the certification requirements to comply with, in an aeronautic development (Aircraft and System levels), as expressed in ED-79A / ARP-4754A.
  • Be able to lead or support an audit related to the application of ED-79A / ARP-4754A.

Training scope: 

  • Application of ED-79A / ARP-4754A in relation  with certification
  • Safety analysis (described in ARP-4761) impact on the design
  • Design assurance and Design Assurance Level
  • Determination of DAL from aircraft to hardware and software
  • Planning
  • Management of the requirements
  • Traceability, validation and independence
  • Verification & verification coverage
  • Configuration management
  • Process assurance and certification liaison

2 days

Toulouse, Paris, Bordeaux. Another location? Contact us.
From 4 to 15 persons. More options? Contact us.
1000€ per person (Discount prices for groups).

For more information about this training, please, contact us