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Tool qualification in compliance with ED-215 / DO-330 training

System Engineering


  • Process assurance and certification engineers
  • Software project managers
  • Developers involved in software development

Training pre-requisite:

Be knowledgeable about ED-12C / DO-178C key concepts.

Training objectives:

  • Understand the regulatory context and the need for tool qualification.
  • Understand the applicable certification requirements related to tool qualification, in compliance with ED-215 / DO-330.
  • Be able to lead or support a certification audit for the tool qualification aspects.

Training scope: 

  • Origin of the need for tool qualification
  • Relation with ED-12C / DO-178C
  • TQL
  • Development and verification tools, compilers & linkers, state of the art
  • When is it necessary to qualify tools? / Cases & examples
  • Planning
  • Activities and documentation versus TQL

1 day

Toulouse, Paris, Bordeaux. Another location? Contact us.
From 4 to 15 persons. More options? Contact us.
500 € per person (Discount prices for groups).

For more information about this training, please, contact us