LOPA Change

Need to reconfigure your Aircraft cabin ?

Most of the PMV Engineering day-to-day business is related to development and certification of lopa changes

You can rely on aircraft cabin architects.

Lopa Change - Airplane - PMV Engineering
  • Mini-Suites installation,
  • First, Business and Economy classes configurations,
  • Lavatories relocations and upgrade,
  • Galleys removal or installations,
  • Overhead bins layout change,
  • Partitions or Movable Class Dividers,
  • Integration of stretchers area,
  • Cabin attendant seats installation or relocation,
  • Testing and certification of the seats through STC.

Small and large aeroplanes are covered by our approvals.

Lopa Change - B767 - PMV Engineering

The LOPA changes are validated by our team of Compliance Verification Engineers prior to their release to the customer.

The LOPA change is the entry point to the Cabin Reconfiguration instructions and certification also managed by our team.