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PMV Engineering just launched ADSB-OUT STC with EASA on Airbus Wide Bodies (A300/A310/A300-600)

Based on its extensive experience in avionic systems, PMV Engineering pursues its upgrowth and is proud to announce you its new EASA STC development for ADSB-out on Airbus Wide Bodies (A300/A310/A300-600).

Mode S ELS  /EHS / ADS-B Out| PMV Groupe

Earlier, PMV Engineering certified for ADS-B OUT in compliance with EASA and FAA regulation on A320 family Aircraft (EASA STC 10064008 / FAA STC ST04307NY) and B737 Classic/NG (EASA STC 10065222 / FAA STC ST04166NY)
As a reminder, ADS-B Out signal is used for surveillance purposes on the ground or onboard other aircraft in order to facilitate airborne traffic.

The main topics of this modification are :

  • Upgrade of the transponders to DO-260B
  • Upgrade of the GPS position source (if required)
  • Addition of an ADS-B fail indication in the flight deck, either through an ATC/TCAS control panel upgrade or a standalone annunciator. 

PMV Engineering certified multiple transponders and GPS sources configurations.


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